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Richard Penn (b. 1976, Johannesburg) works in drawing, painting and clay sculpture to explore the thresholds of scientific and artistic visuality. His intricate compositions use scale and detail as metaphoric devices to reflect on our invested positions as viewers, and to address the relationship between visual and conceptual abstraction. Penn's recent projects in clay extend his interest in the sciences to the fields of archeology and anthropology. In particular, he is interested in how these disciplines transform ancient objects into relics in the present by speculating on their use value. Penn's work has been shown extensively in solo and group exhibitions in South Africa and internationally. In 2014 he was awarded an Ampersand Fellowship to undertake a residency with the Ampersand Foundation in New York City, and in 2012 was the South African representative at the Rybon International Artists’ Workshop in Tehran. He is currently based in Auckland, Aoteoroa (New Zealand), where he is an artist-in-residence at Auckland Studio Potters.