Javett-UP, Saturday 30 October, 19:00 for 19:30 - 21:00

Overnight Services, by Thulile Gamedze & Abri de Swardt, is an extended sleep and dream experiment for the museum and its public, realised in parallel with the artworks of the exhibition Handle with Care, for the accompanying public program ‘The Laboratory of Ideas’. Overnight Services consists of two museum sleep-in research sessions and one scripted nighttime event, open to the public.

Please join Thuli and Abri for the public event: a somnambulist participatory walkabout of the exhibition, using dreamwork in waking life to open our orientation to the museum, its objects and their histories, and each other.

Saturday 30 October 2021, 19.00 for 19.30 - 21.00


“Dreaming is potentially the weirdest and most opaque department of body-maintenance work, integrating and reintegrating memory, dissolving trauma, and offering healing. We feel it afterwards as a Queerstate, only communicable by approximation, impossibly disinterested in taxonomy. Yet dreams are not the inverse of the actual, instead they neurologically register the weight and value of lived realities, storying embodiment, place and temporality otherwise. The dream - and applied collective dreamworking methods - offer us some shifty, content-specific, open and undone approaches to being together, making sense of images and texts, and imagining what institutional care could be.”

[extract from Overnight Services text]