24 March - 10 May, 2021


Things don't just begin. They emerge. The weather brews, a confluence of complex systems, forces and matter. Code gives rise to digital being. And out of a tangle of proteins comes organic life. In the physical world, as in the digital, emergence is a conspiracy of parts, the coming together of desires, forces and material.

In the art world people “emerge” too. They emerge out of obscurity and into the public eye. They get "discovered", or re-discovered. "Emerging artists" get caught in the not-yet of emergence, in the precarious idea that one is always on the way to arriving. And because of this they are also, often, victims of the market for emergence and all that that entails: scrutiny, flirtation, frenzy, speculation and, sometimes, abandonment.

"Emergence" is a hypothetical gathering of artists at different stages of their careers at a time when physical encounters are limited or, in some cases, impossible. It presents an ensemble that allows something to emerge in digital space, a moment of action that challenges the idea that something is only "real" when it manifests physically. And finally, it represents a skepticism towards the euphemistic concept of the emerging artist, proposing instead that artists are always emerging from something and moving towards something else.