Located in South Africa and on the internet, FORMS reimagines what a gallery can be and do without a permanent space. The gallery's curatorial programme takes shape through collaborations with artists who make work that is critically, aesthetically and politically important. Innovative online exhibitions showcasing the work of gallery artists are the core of the programme, which is supplemented by in-real-life (IRL) manifestations produced in collaboration with like-minded spaces and organisations. FORMS's objective is to change the way audiences relate to, access and collect art, blending digital-first experiences with personalised IRL encounters with art. Founded in 2021, FORMS responds to a local context through a programme that is globally relevant and accessible.


Anthea Buys is the founder and director of FORMS Gallery and FORMS Collect. She is a curator and writer with over a decade's experience curating exhibitions, collections and experimental projects in institutional, commercial,and private contexts. She has worked with institutions including  Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Tallinn Art Hall (Tallinn), WIELS (Brussels), South London Gallery (London), the Iziko South African National Gallery (Cape Town) and Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen), where she worked as director from 2014 to 2017 (incl.) In 2021 Anthea completed a PhD in art history, specialising in critical theory and aesthetics.

A small cohort of artists makes up the core family of FORMS. These artists are based in or otherwise connected to the gallery's geographic home, South Africa. You can read more about them here.


Anthea Buys: anthea@forms.gallery

Tel: +27 (0)79-628-3361

Instagram: @forms.gallery